Great Oaks Counseling is located off West Center Road, just north of the Oak View Mall.  Please call to make an appointment.

        Great Oaks Counseling, LLC

        13906 Gold Circle

        Suite 202

        Omaha, NE  68144

        (402) 932-6500

        Fax:  (402) 932-6504


Need directions to Great Oaks?  

Just give us a call or see the directions below.  If you know the area; it is on the same street as the Dairy Queen and across from Oak View Mall.


Coming from 72nd and Dodge Streets, Omaha, NE

1: Head west on Dodge Street  5.8 miles

2: Take the 144th Street exit off the expressway 0.2 miles

3: Turn left at N 144th Street  1.9 miles

4: Turn left at Arbor Street  0.2 miles

5: Turn left at Gold Circle  0.2 miles

Total Est. Time: 16 minutes

Total Est. Distance:  8.4 miles

Coming from Fremont, NE

1: Merge onto US-275  15.0 miles

2: Continue on W Dodge Road  8.2 mIles

3: Take the 144th Street exit  0.2 miles

4: Turn right at N 144th Street  1.9 miles

5: Turn left at Arbor Street  0.2 miles

6: Follow curve right  377 feet

7: Turn left at Gold Circle  0.2 miles

Coming from Lincoln, NE

1: Merge onto I-80 E via the ramp to Omaha  39.2 miles

2: Take exit 440 for NE-50 toward Springfield/Millard  0.5 miles

3: Turn left at S 144th Street/NE-50 N  2.6 miles

4: Turn right at W Center Road  0.2 miles

5:  Turn left at S 140th Street  325 feet

Total Est. Time: 55 minutes

Total Est. Distance: 48.5 miles